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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gas Pumps and Private Rooms

Jan 5, 2016

Looking at Carfax and KBB, it looksl ike I paid what a dealer would charge for this car or slightly more.

It's a low mileage car and very clean so I think I got a good deal. Right now, I've put $120 into car fix-ups (windshield washer fluid, a fuse, an inspsection, floor mats). That's awesome.

Some things I've noticed about people who have money and those who don't.

When I went to the bank to get $5000 for the car, the cashier asked if I wanted to count it in a private room. I've never been asked that before. I felt rich.

When Iwent to fill my new car up for the first time, Iused my debit card at the pump. My rbtoehr started pumping for me. Eventually, he looked worried and asked me, "How much did you put in here?" He didn't realize, as a cash-only person, that when you use your card you can stop the machine at any time. You don't pre-purchase at a certain price. I told him to fill it up - just let it go until it stops on its own. That was interesting to me (confusing at first) for him to ask that question.

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