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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Resolutions - Here I Come!

I have 6 goal areas, but when I counted the individual goals under each one, they amount to 53 Goals. I won't list them all here, especially since this blog is focused on my financial journey. Here are a few of my goals/resolutions for 2016.

MENTAL - I will be smarter, more creative, and more organized.

I will pass a Chinese language test. 
I will read 52 books.
I will listen to 52 TED talks
Iwill watch 20 movies.
I will reflfect on my day at the end of each day. 
I will clean my school desk weekly. 
I will clean my car weekly.
I will back up files electronically monthly.

FINANCIAL - I will pay down debt, increase my income, begin investing, and save more money.

I will invest in the stock market this year. 
I will begin saving monthly to a retirement fund.
I will pay off my line of credit debt this year.
I will earn $35K on the side by writing a book and selling online.

CAREER - I will brand myself as a teacher, improve my teaching ability, and help students re-enter the general education class.

I will videotape myself teaching weekly. 
I will apply for a teacher travel grant.

PHYSICAL - I will weigh 130 lbs.

I will eat a vegetarian diet
I  will drink 2 cups of water a day
I will fast from sugar 3 days a week
I  will take a swim class. 
I will not eat after 9pm

SPIRITUAL - I will think about God more in my daily experiences and especially in emotional moments and decision-making.

I will write 52 prayers this year.
I will memorize 52 Bible verses.
I will participate in one campaign, petition, or vigil this year to show support for a social justice issue.
I will keep the Sabbath holy by having vespsers on Friday evening.

RELATIONSHIPS - I will do more events with friends, celebrate the people in my life, use people's names, and look for a significant other.

I will create and manage a social calendar so Iwon't forget social commitments with others. 
I will invite friends to travel with me. 
I will learn and use people's names frequently and at every opportunity.

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