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Saturday, October 11, 2014

October living

I got a memory foam mattress off Freecycle several months ago. I sprayed it with Lysol and washed the cover. then I cut it down to size so it fits in my back seat. It was comfortable sleeping in the back seat anyway, but the mattress makes it even better.

Every morning, I roll the mattress up and fasten it into the seat using the seat belt so it doesn't unroll. anyone who parks next to me at work can see this white rolled-up form in my back seat. I wonder what coworkers think.

I have been washing up more at sinks the past two weeks because I get tired of working out at the gym just to take a shower.

This morning I found out that eating baingan bharta (an Indian eggplant dish) when it's a little colder than room temperature is actually not a bad breakfast. I bought it yesterday evening, and ate the rest for breakfast today.

The rain is my friend. It makes it harder to see inside a vehicle and people are less likely to be looking around anyway - they are trying to get out of the rain. So no matter where I park on a rainy night, I feel safer and less noticed.

Several times a week, I wake up and think, You just saved $40 (by sleeping in my car).

I have no good place to iron my clothes right now. I went back to my old apartment complex once recently to iron. However, my job requires shirts with the school logo on them, and I have two of those. So I wear the same shirts repeatedly and that helps me not to NEED to iron so much. I have been taking whatever I wear to work on Friday and wearing it to church on Saturday, rather than going to storage and trying to find a dress that doesn't need ironing.

The food eating situation has not gotten better. I still eat out too much and don't have a way to cook. I have two aides working in my class with me, so I really can't bring out the electric skillet like I did at my last school. I think, though, that I could go in on Sundays and cook with the skillet, chop fruits and vegetables, and prepare some lunches/breakfasts for the week. I could keep them in lunch bags in the school fridge.

I could cook and store rice, mixed vegetables, spinach, and soup. I have 3 lunch bags.

Life is good.

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