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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life: Weather, Stealth, Dreams, Hair, Hotels


It’s time to get the sleeping bag and wool socks out again. Last night was bearable at 51 degrees, but temps are dipping into the high 40s which means I’m pushing it. I have Theraflu in my car and I must remember to act fast at the slightest hint of cold or flu symptoms.


I dared to put a lock on a locker at the gym and store my things there for a few nights. The gym has signs saying locks will be removed nightly and contents of the locker donated to charity, but I’ve been paying attention and some people are keeping locks on for days or weeks. Well, after about 2 weeks, I showed up one day and my lock had been removed with a sign saying that locks are not allowed overnight. All of my belongings were still there, so I went ahead and took them home.

Two weeks ago, I pulled up to the hospital, sat, and looked around as always. Some people walked by so I waited. Just before I started to climb in to the back seat, I thought I saw movement in a black SUV parked diagonally from me. It was sitting in a darkish area. I paused and waited around. Sure enough, there was some movement. Security was in that black SUV. I cranked up and drove away. I never saw security parked in that particular area before. My paranoia kicked in. Were they on to me? Do they know where I park when I sleep there and they were waiting to catch me?

I don’t go there very often now, and when I have gone, I go early in the morning, like 2:00 am. Hopefully, they have decided that if I’m not there by 11:00 then I’m not coming and they move on. I hate to lose that parking spot as a sleeping option.


I had a dream last night that two men broke into my car and started to drive off while I was asleep in the back seat. I woke up, quietly called 911 on my cell, and then sat up and explained that this was my home – please let me have my car back while the 911 operator listened on the other end. They didn’t give me my car back - they kept driving. The police traced my cell and caught up with us. I woke up.


I started letting my hair grow last year because I wanted to do different styles with my hair. while I liked my latest hairstyle (cornrows), I didn’t like the way the stylists man-handled my hair. I treat my hair gently. So I decided to twist it myself yesterday and got lots of compliments.

I think I’ll keep twisting it. In the past, I got tired of boring twists, but I think I’ll experiment with different accessories to spice things up – scarves, headbands, flowers, clips. What does that mean financially? Well, I still save $10 a week towards haircare, and it’s cheaper to do my own hair and accessorize than to pay hairstylists, so I should be able to keep a surplus in that envelope.


So,sometimes I really do long to be back in an apartment again sooner rather than later. Sometimes I just want to get a hotel room for a night just to stretch my legs all night, watch a marathon, or shower in a private area. I might check in to a hotel one day, but only when I can be there a full 24 hours and really get my money’s worth, like on a holiday weekend from noon Sunday to noon Monday. 

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