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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm moving...

Jasmine's mother in law is moving in with her permanently starting in September, so I have to be out. 

Back to living in my Honda. 

I was planning to move out anyway in October to save rent money. September is a little early because there are some hot nights in September and sleep is impossible. The up side is no rent to pay. 

I guess another up side is that moving always makes me re-evaluate my "stuff." Today, I woke up and begin trashing things I decided I don't need, or don't need in material form. I finally organized the last of my tax documents (the last 4 years) so I can scan them at school tomorrow and get rid of the paper. I threw out students' work from this past school year and some notes from my computer programming studies four summers ago. 

I'll keep de-cluttering until everything fits in storage. Right now, nothing else can fit in storage. When I leave Jasmine's I'll have to put everything in my car. I can't live comfortably in the car when it's cluttered.

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