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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mission 19% complete! - 100th post

Today, God and I have reached 19% of our debt payoff goal in less than a year!

That's like paying $1225 a month to pay down debt. That's also the cost for rent for a one bedroom apartment, so I feel like it really helped to give up housing for 1/2 a year (stayed in car for 4 months, and Jasmine let me live rent-free for 2). Besides, I made serious sacrifices with windfalls (refunds, insurance payout, tax refund) and began using cash, which helped me be more frugal.

If we get a teaching job that pays just as well as this last one, then we could continue the momentum. I hope to get a tax refund next year as well.

I deposited part of my tax refund (the part I have received) into the account used to fund the house renovations. Using cash to prevent debt is as good as paying off debt towards the renovations.

This is my 100th post, BTW.

Life is exciting.

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