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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chitchat about money

December 1, 2013

Yesterday I told Uncle Theo that I have repossession of the condo and that the current rent doesn’t cover the mortgage. I didn't tell him that I have a surplus each  month in my budget and 'm paying down debt despite the mortgage situation.

He told me that he has started using Title Loans and check cashing places. He was looking in the mail yesterday for a check that didn’t come as anticipated. He wanted to cash it that night.

It feels so good to not live paycheck to paycheck, although the trade-off is living in my car. I’d rather live in my car and be more free than go back to being a slave to the paydates on the calendar.

Dec 6

Mama sounds so excited about the work being done on the house. I hope it’s a good quality. they have a storm going on down there right now, so we’ll see if the roof is really patched up. I wonder what Daddy thinks about the work. She has had trouble sending me pictures. I also hope she hasn’t used up more than $5000, (just wishful thinking).

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