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Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Attempts to Stay Warm At Night

Last week, I bought wool socks and hand warmers. 

The first night, I put the hand warmers in the socks, went to sleep, and woke up sniffling. I drank TheraFlu to stave off a cold. 

The next night I bought houseshoes just for wearing to bed - pretty pink to match the pink wool socks. I added hand warmers to the socks. That night, it was 28 degrees. The handwarmers inside the wool socks didn’t work - they were cool when I woke up, but I think it was the househoes that kept my feet from getting cold. 

The rest of me was toasty warm under my blankets and it was very dark under there, too. I’m usually surprised when I take the blankets off in the morning how much light there is outside.

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