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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Revamping the envelopes

I'm still learning to use the envelope system. I had 6 envelopes, but now I have 8. I had to add more categories. So right now they are:

1. food
2. gas
3. hair
4. toiletries
5. car maintenance
6. household supplies
7. work supplies
8. fun

I didn't list any amounts because many of them change monthly as I adjust and tweak this system.

However, I've found when you commit to paying off debt and being a better steward of money, it doesn't matter so much that you stick with hard and fast rules and systems as much as it matters that you keep moving toward the goal.

For instance, I haven't stuck hard and fast to the envelope system like it SHOULD be done. Most of the time if I run out of food money or realize I needed something that I didn't have an envelope for, I would just borrow from some other envelope. Not the way financial experts recommend you do it, but it did accomplish one big thing - I still refrained from using my debit card and was forced to survive only on the money that was in the envelopes. I thought twice before making purchases.

I keep reading comments from people who insist that you must pay off the higher interest rate loans first - any other way is just dumb. Actually, if you pay off your debts PERIOD, regardless of the order, you have accomplished what you came here to do. It's actually hard to miss the mark if you simply keep moving towards the goal, even if your moving includes missteps.

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