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Sunday, March 30, 2014

now paying rent

When I went to live with Aunt and Uncle Theo, I prayed that I would be a blessing while I was there. I hoped that my rent would help them out financially and that I would be a pleasant person to live with.

Now that I’m with Jasmine and Mr. Jasmine, I hope for the same. I’m learning that Mr. Jasmine has some financial difficulties. Jasmine is so caring; she is willing to help him if he will let him in, but men (more than women) can be so closed (or stubborn) sometimes. 

I’m all too familiar with the stresses that he is having according to what Jasmine has described – the bills, phone calls, avoidance, tough decisions, having to cut loose projects and possessions that we love. However, having a multitude of counselors has made it easier and less lonely. I pray that he goes to the Michelle Singletary classes I invited him to (which I now attend each month when possible).

Jasmine asked if I could contribute a small amount to the household because her husband is under so much financial weight and it must be hard to have several working adults in the house and he's paying almost all the bills alone. I gladly agreed to pay more than she asked. 

Even though I'm renting, I'm still making sacrifices for a better life. I'm working at a job that has long hours, working a part time job, renting a room, living without my Jefferson, and using cash stuffed in envelopes for everyday purchases. 

I know (and she has mentioned) that they will need this room I'm renting back in the summer because her mother-in-law visits almost every summer. That's fine. I'm prepared to move out at any time, but I can't stay in my car during the summer. It will be too hot. I have 3 options: 

1. rent an apartment (I think I could stay in an apartment in a less desirable part of town for just the summer). 

2. rent a room

3. go down South and stay with relatives for the summer (especially if I don't plan to teach summer school up here). 

This situation is also why I still keep up this blog called the Homeless Teacher. Although I've been in this room for 3 months, I knew it probably wasn't long term. 

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