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Saturday, March 7, 2015

snow day Musings about safety

Sunday, Mar 1

It's been raining and sleeting all day. Since the roads are bad ,I chose to not travel around much, so I've spent all day in my car in a grocery store parking lot. I've gotten out twice so far to buy groceries. I made sandwiches and heated them on the engine block. They were delicisou! I also heated frozen veggies (a vairety I have never tried before). They were pretty bad. 

This is my last month in the car. I need to get into an apartement some time in April. In warm weather car creimes increase, people hang around outside longer increasing the chanes of me being discovered, and it's too hto at night to sleep comfortably.

On the news, there is a guy who was charged with randomly shooting people. He's a former police officer going through a divorce. He said voices in his head told him to shoot randome people. He injured a 60-year old.

The #1 fear Ihvae of sleeping in my car is a mentally ill homeless person. It's not about someone trying to rob my car to steal something - they don't necessarily have murder on their minds. A homeless person thinking about hearing voices or sees me sleeping and think I'm the government spying on him. My biggest fear is that one of them will see me in my car and do something crazy.

Fears of getting arrested are way, way at the bottom of my list. At lesast officers are not out to get me. They may have a bad attitude but not necessarly crazy. 

Ihave made good use of today. I'm reading Think and Grow Rich and researching investing in Hud homes. I also caught up on the Live Richer Challenge which my friend invited me to join. We are accoutnablility parneres and we shared our goals yesterdya. Ihave to remember to ask her if she acted on her goals this week. 

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