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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Car productivity on a snow day

Thursday, Mar 5

Today is another super snowy day. School is cancelled and will probably be cancelled tomorrow, too. So that makes it a four-day weekend. Ihad not planned for that. Four days in a hotel is too much. Idid it last time because Ineeded the leectricity to do a project.

So, today Imade myself productive by adding oil and colant to my car (it was smoking last night, and Ican't afford for it to catch fire - this is my home). I bought some household supplies, made some business calls, empited the mailbox (Icheck it about once a month), showered (haven't done this in about 2 weeks, so that felt good).

I also made myself eat home-cooked food instead of eating out. I'm really trying not to buy fsat food, but to stick to the food envelope. Iran some errands although the streets are horrible. It's not the best thing to do with the streets looking like they do, but there's not much eslse Ican  do.

I've spent some serious time reading Think and Grow Rich, so that was productive.

That's waht Idid on this snow day.

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