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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guess where I am

Guess where I am?

For the first time since being homeless I actually rented a motel room for two nights.

 A snowstorm hit yesterday. There were accidents and cars sliding all over the metro area.

 My options were to rent this motel room or sit in my car with it running all day while doing nothing productive.

Instead, I brought the tape cassette project to this room where I have plenty of electricity and I've been digitizing cassettes FOR HOURS. One good thing about this project is that I'm listening to some sermons from John Nixon so it's a spiritual experience as well as an organizing experience.

 Another alternative was to work on this project in my classroom, but the school turns the heat down on weekends, so I would be miserable and cold in the classroom, then I would have had to leave at night and drive in dangerous conditions to my sleeping spot. So, yeah, this motel room was a good idea this weekend.

 It's an average motel, but the cheapest in the area (cheaper than some hotels that were related below-average online). I got a discount because I found the deal online. The room is so warm and the sleep last night was awesome. The only drawback I have is that the tub is brownish on the bottom, so the idea of soaking in the tub is OUT!

 Actual time in room - 38 hours
Cost - less than $150
Amounts to = <$4.00 an hour for warmth, electricity, comfortable & private sleep for 2 nights, cereal, shower

 While being productive, I also applied for a new job, cleaned up my Yahoo account (simplifying it according to David Allen's GTD principles), and watched very little television. I even fell asleep during Arrow (I shocked myself - I love that show).

The second morning that I woke up, I found two bedbugs in the bed. I had been itching throughout the night, but thought I was having a bad dream. I took a picture and showed it to management.

Still don't regret the decision to stay there. If it had been a more expensive hotel, I would only have stayed one night and not gotten as much done.

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