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Monday, February 16, 2015

Discovering David Allen's GTD philosophy

I've been researching David Allen's GTD plan while digitizing cassettes. Some people described his systems as souped-up lists, but actually it's a philosophy. The biggest takeaway I've gotten so far is that only time-sensitive items need to be on my calendar - that's keeps the calendar from becoming a to-do list. That means I'm more likley to notice the time-sensitive items that are not cluttered with other tasks. Also, I need to create a someday/maybe list to have a place to put these projects that I want to do but not right now. I also researched GTD specifically for teachers. I see a way I can use Evernote to do that. While planning I started to see things come together and declutter themselves already. This is a good year for me teaching-wise. I'm really growing into being a more organized teacher. Maybe I should transition from this blog to an organized teacher blog when I move into my new apartment.

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