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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Using the Car Repair Fund

My car has had troubles since Mar 19 when the check engine light came on and the temperature gauge stopped working.

It felt good to have a $1000 car repair fund in times like this. I paid $500 to have the brakes repaired and wheel bearings replaced on this 12-year old car, but it was cheaper than getting a new car.

However, after that job, the car started having trouble firing up and eventually started shutting off on me while driving. The check engine light is still on.

I prayed that the repairs this time wouldn't be more than $200 (even though I have up to $500 left in the repair fund). Well, I took it to one mechanic, then another for a 2nd opinion. The cost will be $135 to fix the thermostat.

If the repairs had been $500 or more, I would have taken more time to think about getting the car repaired. If the car is breaking down completely, it's time to get a new car sooner than I expected.

I hope God sends money for a new car early, or helps this car last one more year while I save up.

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