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Monday, December 21, 2015

December update

Dec 21, 2015

I am decluttering my basement apartment.

I found $15 in rebates that have expired and a check for $5.50 that has expired (said cash within 60 days).Lost $18 in recycled ink rebates. This is a reminder that being cluttered costs money.

 I just paide a speeding ticket that I got 60 days ago. I thought the amount would have doubled by now, but it didn't.

Life has settled down at my day job so I can breathe and declutter at home.

And my work looks GOOD!

I can find so much now. I'm ready to start studying Chinese again. I'm ready to start scanning papers and tossing them because I can see the amount of paper in my life (instead of it being hidden away in storage).

Did I mention that when I closed the storage account, the cashier said, "We won't be seeing you here really early in the morning anymore?" I said, "Oh, you noticed." I almost told him I was homeless. I thought that might be a new, intersteting fact to him thta someone could be homeless and driving a car and dressing nicely everyday. But I may need to go back there in the future should I need to stay in my car agian, so I decided to guard that secret.

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