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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back in the condo

On May 31, I slept in the condo for the first time in 2-3 years. It was filthy at first, as I expected it to be. But I immediately got a carpet shampooer and vacuum and cleaned the carpet from 8:30 to 9”30 that night. I was tired and hot. I thought abut pausing and resuming in the morning, but I persevered instead.  Then I took a shower in the dirty shower. The tenant left a couch, which I covered with a comforter, then I slept there and had a good night’s rest. It felt good to sleep with my legs spread out. My ankle swelling was gone in the morning. I think I’ve had poor circulation in my legs and that’s why my ankles are swelling. Drinking water appears to help.

The next day I planned to shampoo and vacuum one more time after work, but when I returned the power was off. I thought that would happen. So I didn’t get to clean the carpet a second time. I didn’t get to clean the kitchen and bathroom while there was still light. That’s ok. I don’t plan to use the kitchen and bathroom much anyway. I just need a place to sleep at night that’s clean, and the living room is now clean. I’m not even there during the day during the week.

Also, praise God, the weather has been cool – even in the month of June, I’m using the heat in my car again sometimes. In the apartment there is no heat or AC but I keep the window open all the time to keep it cool and fresh smelling, and I use a comforter at night to keep warm. I love sleeping with an open window. Not to mention. I just feel very safe sleeping in a building at night.

The plan is to stay here for 3 weeks and travel for 8 weeks during the summer. When I return I will need a place to stay. I can stay in temporary housing for professionals. 

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