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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Updates on May

I just created my June Everydollar Budget with the Dave Ramsey software. I set aside money for traveling down South and for Father's Day.

 I'm sitting in my car in the shade. It's 72 degress outside - very hot sitting in the sun. But there's a breeze in the shade. I managed to make it through the month of May without paying for housing. Ihave 3 more weeks befroe I head down South so I nee to keep cool and safe till then. I have a back up plan for June. I found an agency that rents rooms (like a bed and breakfast, but without the breakfast) by the day, week, or month. They cater to traveling professionals. If a rather hot week is predicted in June I will call them up ( or call them up again, Ishould say. I aldready got a tour of their properties).  No lease involved. In fact, no security deposit either. It's like staying in a hotel, but cheaper. $800 for a month.

Ihaven't stayed at the hospital in weeks. The last 3 times Iwent, there was a cop sitting in his car. One night he left shortly after Iarrived, but still. Istarted to wonder if soeone had report3ed a lady sleeping in her car there and the cops are trying to scope the place out a little more rigorously. So, I've only stayed in my former apartment neighborhood. One night when it was too hot to sleep under covers in the back seat, I slept in the front seat, windows cracked, in an IHOPparking lot.

Ihave a new debt popping up - past due HOAfees from the past. They are about $11,000. I'm negotiating a payment plan with the HOA. This sets me back on my goal thermometer, since that did not include this debt. However, I'm still running like a gazelle.

Two nights ago, I went to storage after my evening job - 9:45 pm. I had a trunk full of items from my classroom that I've started cleaning out and I wanted to take them out of my car. Once there, I decided it wasn't worth the safety risk to be there at night alone, so I started to crank up and leave. Just then, two different vehicles with a total of 4 other people pulled up. I asked one guy how long was he going to be there. He said "for a while." I toldhim Ididn't want to be there by myself, so I was glad they all showed up. So I decided to stay.

Another guy complimented me several times on how organized my unit looked (has to be when you live out of there!).

I appreciated the compliment.

After a few minutes of reorganizing and getting everything out of my car, I finally decided to just toss the last few things in there and scram before the other people left. As i walked to my car, the guy who told me he would be there for a while made it a point to come find me and say he was leaving. Right on time! I thank God for sending those folks!

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