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Friday, April 18, 2014

Credit Card Debt Is Gone!

I just paid off the last credit card today!
$6500 in credit card debt paid off in 8 months.

I also started a sinking fund for a new car. I will make car payments into a savings fund until I have enough to pay cash for a decent pre-owned vehicle (plan B: make a sizable down payment on a car and pay it off as quickly as possible).

I did a review of how much I changed financially in the past 6 months:

1. no savings
2. was trying to pay debts first, even at the expense of eating
3. seldom paid cash
4. was not able to give to help others
5. made minimum payments (and sometimes I couldn't even do that)
6. was not walking in Financial Peace

1. Have a little more than one month emergency savings
2. I eat before paying debts (Dave Ramseys' Four Walls)
3. I use cash for most purchases
4. I have given 4 times in the past month to help others (broken car, homeless person, child with cancer, friend developed a gospel album and needed help promoting it)
5. I make above the minimum payments
6. I'm not walking in peace yet, but I am out of the hole (big time!) and crawling.

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